Twice the capacities, and twice convenience.

Don't bother those unexpected.

While designing Briefpack, we want to demonstrate a new life style, a life style can face cross varios scenarios. To be stylish and functional, in the mean while, to be convenient and adaptable. A normal briefcase is a decent and neat option, however it lacks of convenience and capacity, and it's not the gear you want while having unexpectation. In the other hand, a huge backpack has more space indeed, but it offen makes us feel overreacted and bulky.

Freestone Briefpack

Briefpack has balanced the features of both briefcase and backpack. With the ability to switch between a handy briefcase and a useful backpack. Briefpack carry the flexible and suitable option whenever things popping out.

Two-step transformation

1. Unzip

2. Flip Up

Just That Easy

twice the capacities

——​ Key Features ——

Mutual Pocket


Half Clamshell Design


Quick Access Pocket

確保重要物品安全, 也能快速取得

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